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YAMAHA SY77 synth secondhand

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Marca: Yamaha
Codice Prodotto: YAMAHA SY77 synth secondhand
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Advanced Wave Memory

Second-generation Advanced Wave Memory (AWM2) offers unmatched sample playback quality.

Advanced Frequency Modulation

Advanced Frequency Modulation (AFM) provides a dramatic boost in FM sound quality and programming versatility.

Realtime Convolution & Modulation

Realtime Convolution & Modulation (RCM) achieves a new fusion of sample realism and the expressive power of FM.

Extensive Sample Layering

SY77's versatile 1, 2, or 4-element voice architecture and complex envelope generators provide extensive sample layering capabilities.

Advanced Digital Filters

Advanced digital filters provide dynamic timbre control.

Programmable Envelope Generators

Multiple complex programmable envelope generators are featured.

Dynamic Panning

Dynamic Panning for sonic animation.

Programmable Aftertouch and Assignable Controllers

Key velocity and after-touch pressure can be assigned to control pitch, filtering, AWM2 modulation level and/or a range of AFM parameters. Assigned parameters can be controlled in a positive or negative direction. There's also an extra assignable center-detented wheel and several assignable controllers in addition to the pitch and modulation wheels.

Internal Digital Signal Processors

Four internal digital signal processors provide essential ambience, two for reverb effects and two for modulation.

Display and Data Entry Controls

Intuitive programming is provided through a user interface consisting of a 240 x 64 dot backlit liquid crystal control panel that makes several parameters visible at the same time. Flow diagrams and bar graphs displayed in graphic form provide instant recognition. A directory helps you locate functions and a unique "jump" number system allows direct switching between related functions. "Smart" function keys makes it easier to move around the programming environment.

Multi-timbre Mode and 16-track Sequencer

Multi-timbre Mode in which 16 different voices can be assinged to 16 different MIDI channels. A sophisticated internal 16-track sequencer makes external equipment unnecessary. 16 memory locations are provided for complete "MULTI" setups including voice-to-channel assignments, individual voice volume, not shif, tuning, panning and effects. A wide variety of built-in drums makes the SY77 a powerful production tool.

Dual Assignable Stereo Outputs

Two pairs of stereo outputs - GROUP 1 and GROUP2 - each with its own front panel group fader provides versatile mixing and real-time control. Elements can be assigned by either or both groups. By using the output assignments parameters in combination with panning it is possible to have each element in a four-element voice to appear separately at a different output.

External Storage

A built-in 3.5" floppy disk drive can be used to store both synthesizer and sequencer data.

Complete MIDI Implementation

A complete set of MIDI parameters has been provided for maximum compatiblity and versatility. Receive and transmit channels are independently programmable, a program change assignment table maximizes voice selection versatility, and a range of bulk dump functions make data transfers to bulk storage devices quick and easy.

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