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Korg X50 4live Pack

Korg X50 4live Pack

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Marca: LeadSounds by S4K Team
Codice Prodotto: korg-x50-user-pack-4live-pack
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This is a high quality, ready to play, collection of the most used or popular sounds and effects currently used by famous artists in their live events. You will never have to  worry again about your “stage” sound, rock like professionals do with this pack! The pack was created by putting together the most used, most popular and playable sounds.

A 001: Reversed Piano
A002: Dark Piano
A003: Piano Strings
A004: Harpsichord Strings
A 005:Church Organ
A006: Solo Lead Strings
A007: Solo Lead & Guitar
A008: Continuum Strings
A009: Dynamic Riff Lead
A010: Octave Strings
A011: Camera Pad
A012: Voice Pad
A013: Guitar Chords
(Multi) 001: 80´s Synth Bell

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