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Korg X50 Stratovarius Pack

Korg X50 Stratovarius Pack

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Marca: LeadSounds by S4K Team
Codice Prodotto: korg-x50-stratovarius-pack
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For those who really love Johansson´s works in Stratovarius, or just want to know the secrets behind his excellent sound here is the solution, beside the large list of equipment that Jens uses and the recording mix/eq that make him sound like he sounds, you can get, with this package, really close to his most famous songs and leads, you don’t need anything more than your synth

Combis: (every combi folder has inside the necessary layers to function)

A 000: Anthem Of The World (Strings) for making the intro of this Stratovarius Anthem and others, with the famous orchestral strings of Jens .

A001: Black Diamond (Harpsichord) Heavy, Tight and Graceful, like one other before.

A002: Destiny (Choir + Orchestral Hit) the heavenly choir of this song, and for plenty more uses, helped with the most powerful hit you can hear. Controlled by velocity, both the choir delay but also the instruments on the hit. (Right Hand Choir and Left the Hit)

A003: Eagleheart (Lead) very expressive and intuitive, don’t miss the opportunity of being in Jens place.

A 004: Holy Light (Lead + Harpsichord) excellent mix between this two signature sounds of Jens, very used in others songs, like Stratosphere, Stratosfortress, Legions and more.

A005: Learning To Fly (Lead) excellent, tight and extremely intuitive Lead, also used in others famous songs like, Forever Free, Black Diamond, Against The Wind, The Kiss of Judas and more. One of the golden patch of this set

A006: Million Light Years Away (Lead) exactly the sound you look, and the same quality of Jens, make this and more others songs with this patch

A007: S.O.S (Synth Harpsi + Choir) be able to perform this song with no problems, easy play the Synth section with Left Hand and the Choirs after with your Right. The Combi its Ready to be Played.

A001: I Walk To My Own Song (Lead) ready to be used on this and plenty more songs of Stratovarius

A002: Jen´s Lead (Lead) the really sound of Jens, excellent for Mixing or make your own.

A003: Maniac Dance (Lead) another great Lead sound, to experiment and feel like a real Johansson

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