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Korg X50 Cover Pack Dream Theater

Korg X50 Cover Pack Dream Theater

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Marca: LeadSounds by S4K Team
Codice Prodotto: korg-x50-cover-pack-dream-theater
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This is a high quality “plug&play” collection of the best known Dream Theater's songs, and some from the keyboard player of the band, Jordan Rudess. It consist of the essential leads, pads, organs, pianos and splits used by the band.
If you looked at this as it was impossible, you'll be now glad to note it’s a reality, and you'll feel like Rudess himself when you'll play these amazing sounds. The collection was created analyzing the real sounds of the displayed songs/sounds, and adapting them to run on X50 and compatible workstations .

Combis: (every combi folder has inside the necessary layers to function)

A 001: Rudess Lead unforgettable and legendary Lead tone from the Scenes From a Memory and very similar to his Kurzweil Lead.

A002: Solitary Shell Lead this is another excellent lead, more liquid and dark but with a lot of presence.

A003: Wah Lead it’s the strongest Lead sound, ready to be wah-controlled and to give the expression you need in your most wildest solos.

A004: 6:00 Lead an excellent emulation of this abstract sound, very fat and powerful, get ready to play this song and greatest hits with this.

A 005: Wah Pig Riff this is a monster Pig Riff, adapted to have wah wah Control, it would be the most heavy and rough sound in your Key.

A006: Pull me Under Lead the best emulation of this sound, astonish your listener with this tone, also very used in others.

A007: Another Day Piano a very similar sound of Great Acoustic Piano, very used in DT songs but identically of the Piano on Another Day.

A008: Forsaken Piano this is the exact replica of the sound used in this song, you would belive it, and also works for DT with dark-mezzo Pianos and atmospheres.

A009: The Spirit Carries On Piano this a tone its alike to the Kurzweil Piano, maked so famous by Rudess and excellent for this and many others DT songs

A010: Erotomania Organ a nice and useful Organ sound, very equally to the one used in this song, also very powerful allows you to control the wah/phaser effect at your

A011: Learning To Live Intro a great layering with optimized programs for using this sound with many others songs, give the Rudess touch to your composition with this sound

A012: Surrounded Intro high quality Key Split, that let you play this amazing song with no problems at all, very easy to use and play

A013: Metropolis Intro a nice strings sound, exact the same used in this song and with many effects you can control

A014: Take The Time Intro another excellent creation followed the exact sound of the original song, this it’s the time for you with this patch

A015: Octavarium Pad this is an exact duplication of the famous song, also ready to be used in your own creations .Never feel lack of pads again with this and the others Strings/Atmosphere sounds of this patch

A016: Octavarium Continuum a gold piece in the patch, why speding money on this expensive Gear if you can have it for less cost, you can have the Hakken Continuum power in your favourite key. Also very easy to control the portamento and heaviest than ever!

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