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Korg X50 Cover Collection 4 live gigs

Korg X50 Cover Collection 4 live gigs

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Marca: LeadSounds by S4K Team
Codice Prodotto: korg-x50-cover-pack
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KORG Cover Collection 4 live gigs

This custom set contains some programs and combis optimized and ready to be played in live situations: there’s no annoying frequency that will make you go crazy when you want to play live in a gig club and you want to ear the music from the crowd ...if you play music you know what I mean :)

Mark Basile, lead singer of DGM and B.R.A.K.E.
B001 Mark Piano: My custom Acoustic Piano optimized for live.
A007 Mark E.Piano: My custom E. Piano optimazed for live with a little overdirve and phaser controlled by Knob4 and tremolo controlled by Modulation Wheel.
A039 Hammond: My custom Hammond with on/off saturation on sw1 and the lesile with speed controlled by Modulation Wheel.
A003 Strings: My custom Strings patch.
A049 Funk Clavi: My custom Clavi patch with Phaser on/off on sw 1 e Wha on/off on sw 2
C069 Maroon Bass: My bass Synth custom patch.

A 000 Piano + Str: layer of Acoustic Piano + Strings with String’s volume controlled by the EXP pedal 4 controlling the background strings level easily.
A001: E. piano + Pad: layer of E.Piano + Analog Pad close to the A000 combi.
A002 Lady Marmalade: as the name of the song (Patti La Belle also covered by C. Aguillera) is a Bass Synth on the left of the keyboard and the clean Hammond on the right.
A003 Markk Lead: a PCM version of my lead.
A004 Maniac: a layer/split (from Flashdance o.s.t.) formed by a pad and by a perc synth that plays the famous theme. The EXP pedal activates another synth to play the special part in the middle of the song.
A005 Cosmic Girl: (Jamiroquai) Split formed by E.Piano + synth lead with portamento for solos.
A006 Deeper Undergorund: (Jamiroquai) split with a complex layer of strings to emulate the intro orchestra and a custom Bass Synth. Sw 1: oct +1 Sw2: oct -1
A007 Superstition: (S.Wonder); split/layer with Clavi Funk patch + the brass section controlled by EXP pedal for the bridge section of the song; on the right there’s a farfisa organ.
A009 This Love M5: (Maroon 5) layer with Acoustic Piano + Synth Bass controlled by EXP pedal.

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