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THE ENDLESS FLOYD ANTHOLOGY MKI - Pink Floyd cover pack for TRITON - TR - LE Series

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Marca: LeadSounds by S4K Team
Codice Prodotto: korg-triton-series-pink-floyd-cover-pack
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  • This is a subscription plan to our cover patches. 
  • The user will receive updateds of any changes and any new patches included in the package for an unlimited period
  • SAMPLES are FREE!!! you can receve the Samples via email for free - not for sale


The Complete Pink Floyd Anthology Patched by Alex Di Donna 

1 of These Organ  
Echoes Piano    
Obscured Patch   
Time Studio 1 (smpl.)   
Time Studio 2    
The Great Gigg patch   
Money wha(smpl)   
Us & Them Patch  
Damage Organ  
Damage Squares  
Eclipse organ
Shine on Patch  
Shine on Organ/synth  
Floyd Machine  
Have a Synth
Wurly cigar  
Wish Brass   
Shine pt.2 Solo (wind smpl)  
Shine Clav riff   
Sheep Rhodes  
In The Flesh Patch (SMPL)  
The Thin Piano  
The Thin 2  
Brick 1  
Brick 2  
Brick 3  (SMPL)  
Empty Spaces patch (SMPL)  
Comfortably Strings  
Run Like Organ  
Run Like SOLO   
Flesh pt.2  
Sorrow pad  
Sorrow arp/pad  
One World  
Sorrow mid part  
Coming Back to Life  

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