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Kurzweil PC3 Pink Floyd Pack V2 ( Pc3 Pc3x Pc3k )

Kurzweil PC3 Pink Floyd Pack V2 ( Pc3 Pc3x Pc3k )

StatoNuovo   Garanzia24 mesi

Marca: LeadSounds by S4K Team
Codice Prodotto: kurzweil pc3k pink floyd pack
Disponibilità: In Magazzino


A collection of sounds inspired by the most famous songs by Pink Floyd, for the PC3

Patches List


001 Dark Wah Rhodes

002 Diamond Lead

003 Leslie Floyd I

004 Slow Solina

005 Leslie Floyd II

006 Leslie Piano

007 Speak To Rhodes

008 Colour Dly Lead

009 Leslie Floyd III

010 Dark Moon Bass

011 Dark Moon Pads

012 Coming to Pad

013 Leslie Days

014 Turning Pad

015 Dark Wah Wurly

016 Inside the Pad

017 Sorrow I

018 Cigar Harm Lead

019 Hey Wurly

020 Leslie Floyd IV

021 Dark Phase Rhodes

022 Mother Bars

023 Happiest Orch


001 Diamond Setup

002 Become Numb

003 Time I

004 Time II

005 OOTD Setup

006 Echoes I

007 ITF I

008 Have a Setup

009 Sorrow I

010 Diamond Setup II

011 Lap Steeel Wheel

012 Learn to Pad

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