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Korg TR76 Synthonia Libraries

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The TR Music Workstation features Korg’s acclaimed HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system. It contains high-quality preset multisamples/programs/combinations, an effect section, plus a sequencer, dual polyphonic arpeggiator, RPPR, four-channel audio output, and numerous other functionality. Controllers such as the joystick, [SW1] and [SW2] keys, REALTIME CONTROLS [1]–[4] knobs, or connected pedals can be used to control filter or effects, allowing you to modify the sound in realtime as you perform. Arpeggiator gate or velocity, or the tempo of the arpeggiator or sequencer can also be controlled.

In addition, the optional EXB-SMPL sampling upgrade can be installed to add two-channel audio input and sampling functionality. The TR is the ideal music workstation for music production or live performance.
HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system
The HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system is a PCM tone generator system with full digital signal processing that guarantees pristine sound, and features enormous flexibility in musical extensibility, modulation, and effect routing.
Tone generator section:
• 64 MB of preset PCM ROM containing 470 multisamples and 518 drumsamples.
• The sampling frequency is 48 kHz, and the maximum polyphony is 62 voices.
Filter/synthesis section:
• 24 dB/oct Low Pass Resonance type or 12 dB/oct Low Pass & High Pass type filters can be used. A wide variety of filter effects can be achieved, from active sounds with aggressive resonance to subtle tones using a high pass filter.
• A broad range of editing parameters gives you control over every aspect of the sound.


HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system
Combination, Program, Sequencer, Global, Media,
Sampling (if the separately sold EXB-SMPL option is installed)
Tone generator
HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system
Polyphony: 62 voices (62 oscillators) in single mode
31 voices (62 oscillators) in double mode
Filters: 24 dB/oct LPF with resonance
12 dB/oct LPF + HPF
Alternate modulation function
Waveform memory
64 Mbyte PCM ROM
(470 multisamples, 518 drumsamples)
If the separately sold EXB-SMPL option is installed:
Sample data RAM (SIMM): 16 Mbyte included with
the EXB-SMPL (expandable up to 64 Mbyte)
Effect section
1 insert effect (stereo in/out),
2 master effects (mono in/stereo out),
1 master EQ (3-band stereo), all usable simultaneously
89 effect types (available for insert effects or master
Effect dynamic modulation function
384 user memory combinations (384 preloads)
512 user memory programs (512 preloads)
128 + 9 drum ROM programs (GM sound map compatible)
383 audition riffs
Drum Kits
24 user drum kits (16 preloads)
9 ROM GM drum kits (GM2 sound map compatible)
Dual polyphonic arpeggiator
Use two arpeggiators simultaneously
(Combination, Sequencer modes)
5 preset arpeggio patterns
216 user arpeggio patterns (216 preloads)
16 timbres, 16 tracks + 1 master track
Maximum capacity: 200,000 notes
Resolution /192
200 songs
20 cue lists
150 preset patterns, 100 user patterns (for each song)
16 preset/16 user template songs
Supports TR format and SMF (formats 0 and 1)

RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording) function
(One set is available for each one song)
Media mode
Load, save, utility
Data filter function (save/load MIDI exclusive data)
Loading from CD-ROM (ISO 9660 level1) is supported (if the separately sold EXB-SMPL option is installed)
Combinations, programs, drum kits, user arpeggio patterns (.PCG) created on the TRITON/TRITONpro/TRITONproX or the TRITON-Rack can be convert-loaded.
Songs (.SNG) created on the TRITON/TRITONpro/TRITONproX can be convert-loaded.
Sampling (if the separately sold EXB-SMPL option is installed)
48 kHz, 16 bit linear
Maximum sample data memory capacity 64 Mbyte (with SIMM expansion) 4000 samples, 1000 multisamples (128 indexes for each multisample Time Slice, Time Stretch, and various other editing functions
Able to load AIFF, WAVE, AKAI (S1000/3000), Korg format sample data can be loaded
Sample data can be exported in AIFF or WAVE formats
61 key, 76 key: synth action; velocity & aftertouch
88 key: Weighted; velocity & aftertouch.
Joystick, [SW1]/[SW2] keys, REALTIME CONTROLS
knobs [1]–[4] and [SELECT] key, [ARP ON/OFF] key

Audio outputs
Audio inputs (if the separately sold EXB-SMPL option is installed)
LEVEL [MIC/LINE] switch, [LEVEL] knob
Control inputs
DAMPER (half-damper supported), ASSIGNABLE SWITCH/PEDAL
MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, USB B connector
SD card slot
Usable media: 2.7–3.6 V (16 MB - 1 GB)
AC power inlet, switch
Support for options
EXB-SMPL (one 16Mbyte 72-pin SIMM is included)
72-pin SIMM memory slots x 2 (for sample data RAM)
Dimensions (W×D×H)
61-key model: 1045×302×95 (mm)
76-key model: 1257×302×95 (mm)
88-key model: 1414×365×123 (mm)
61-key model: 7.8kg
76-key model: 9.2kg
88-key model: 24.1kg
Power consumption:
13W (if the EXB-SMPL option and two 32Mbyte SIMM are installed)
Included items:
CD-ROM (KORG USB-MIDI driver, Voice Name List)
AC/AC power supply 9VAC 3.0A

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